A Boutique Web3 Agency

ABRAXAS offers custom tailored web3 solutions and marketing services for small to mid-sized brands.

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Custom Web3 Solutions


Maximize efficiency, security, and innovation in your blockchain projects with our strategic Web3 consulting services.

Smart Contracts

Our expert development team specializes in creating custom smart contracts designed to meet a wide range of needs.


Transforming your ideas into reality, our developers craft customized decentralized applications (dApps), empowering innovative blockchain solutions.

NFT Creation

We can help with everything from artwork to randomized art file generation, along with smart contracts compatible across multiple blockchain networks.

NFT Minting

Customized NFT minting experiences, providing hosted minting on your domain. Create multiple sales rounds including white lists, for a seamless token distribution.


Our Web3 development team has the capability to build on any network to meet your specific blockchain needs and preferences.

Web3 Marketing

Branding & Design

Elevate your business with our comprehensive branding and design service, crafting captivating visual identities and user experiences that resonate with your audience and set you apart in the decentralized digital landscape.

Web Development

Empower your Web3 business with our expert website development service, seamlessly integrating blockchain functionality and innovative design to create a user-centric online presence that drives engagement and growth.


Amplify your brand’s reach with our targeted advertising service, leveraging social media and search placements to maximize visibility, engagement, and conversions for your business.

Social Growth

Expand your social media presence with our comprehensive growth service, combining strategic advertising campaigns and organic strategies to boost engagement, followership, and brand visibility across platforms.


Maximize your online visibility with our search engine optimization service, utilizing onsite optimization, off-site content strategy, and press releases to ensure your business ranks prominently in search results, driving organic traffic and growth.

Strategic Advisory

Our Web3 consulting service provides strategic advisory encompassing marketing, product launch, and community growth, ensuring comprehensive guidance to propel your project to success in the decentralized ecosystem.

Frequent Questions

What are the pricing details?

Each of our services is uniquely tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients, ensuring a personalized approach to every engagement.

What type of projects does Abraxas work with?

Our services cater to startups and small to mid-sized companies in the Web3 space, focusing on innovation, community building, engagement, and budget efficiency.

Are social media and Discord management services available?

While we specialize in custom development and growth services, we don’t directly offer community or social media management. However, we’re happy to connect you with trusted partners who excel in those areas, ensuring your community receives the attention it deserves.

How can we collaborate?

Let’s kick things off with a complimentary consultation session. This allows us to grasp your goals and explore how we can optimize your Web3 journey together. Book your session through our website today.

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